Ordering Information

Please review our Price List (PDF).

To make an order or request a quote, please send an e-mail with the following information to Jason Sills (ClarkProductions@slco.org):

Exhibit Software

  • The names of the exhibit you are interested in
  • The date you would like to install the exhibit

For Small Facility Pricing (50% reduction), have two of the following

  • Operated by a public or non-profit school, school district or accredited college/university.
  • Do not charge admission for exhibits.
  • Total annual attendance less than 75,000.

Dome Shows

  • The name of your theater or institution
  • Your theater's physical address (and shipping address, if different)
  • Your theater's annual attendance
  • Your theater's seating capacity
  • Your dome projection system make, model, and resolution
  • The names of the shows you are interested in
  • Desired license term length (1 Year or 50 Years)
  • The date you would like to begin screening the shows

Pricing is determined by annual attendance. Pricing is not negotiable. “Annual Attendance” is the total number of paying and non-paying individuals that attended any presentation in the licensee theater during the most recent calendar year, as indicated in its annual report. If a theater is new, or has been open less than one year, pricing shall be determined by seating capacity. “Seating Capacity” is the total number of seats in the licensee theater or the legally determined maximum capacity of the theater if it does not have seats. Theaters requesting dome master frames will be required to purchase a 50 year license and contact Clark Planetarium by phone for a verification process. The price list is available by request.

Clark Planetarium warrants that music licensing has been secured for fulldome shows. In the case of music entertainment shows and Let it Snow, it is the Licensee’s responsibility to procure the music and secure the appropriate music licenses for its facility (i.e. ASCAP and BMI).

Contact Information

Jason Sills
Sales Coordinator

+1 385 468 1252