Asteroid Miner

Experience Lobed Asteroid Gravity while flying a lander to perform 3 different missions: Scanning, Sample Collection, and Ion Engine Installment.

Asteroid Miner Video

Educational Points

Learn about lobed asteroid physics, inertia and gravity.

  • Gravity: The gravity on the lobed asteroid has multiple points of attraction.
  • Inertia: When thrust is applied the lander will continue to move in that direction until countered by opposite thrust

3 Different Missions

  • Surface Scanning: Scan the surface to discover future mission objectives.
  • Sample Collection: Land at each sample collection spot marked on the asteroid.
  • Ion Engine Redirection: Navigate each Ion Engine around the asteroids surface.

User Interaction

A Joystick is used to control the Lander, and a button activates Grapple Hooks!

  • Left/Right: Controls your rotation of the Lander
  • Up/Down: Adds thrust up or down based on direction
Grapple Hook
  • Button: Pressing the button will activate Grapple Hooks to help secure you to the Asteroid. Pressing them again will release the grapples.

User Experience

Asteroid Miner has 2 difficulty modes: Easy, and Hard; As well as 3 different missions to complete.

  • Easy: Intended for very young or novice guests, mechanics are kept extremely simple. The lander automatically orients upwards and side thrusters only impart lateral velocity.
  • Hard: This mode’s mechanics are more realistic. Rotational velocity will continue until countered by an opposite thrust.

Hold Time Data (30 Day Timespan)

Software Pricing


Small Facility Pricing applies 50% reduction

Volume pricing also applies

Pricing Sheet

Hardware Provided

  • Keylook License Dongle
  • Arduino-Based Control Interface wired to Arcade Quality Joystick and Buttons Sourced from Suzo-Happ

Recommended Hardware

  • Display:Asteroid Miner is made to work on 4k or 2k displays. Ensure windows display scaling is set to 100%
  • Audio: Speakers should be used plugged directly into the computer. Using TV speakers may not work if the computer is on before the TV has been turned on.

Required Computer Specs

  • Quad Core CPU (or better).
  • Power Supply: 600 Watt (or better).
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti (or better).
  • RAM: 16 GB (or greater).
  • SSD: 120+ GB.
  • OS: Windows 10 or Windows 11.