Exploding Universe

The universe we see and even our existence has been shaped by explosive events like supernovae: the death throes explosions of giant stars. These maelstroms create the elements which form complex molecules and life, seeding the galaxies for future star systems. Explosive events of all scales from the subatomic of particle accelerators mimicking conditions in the early universe, to super volcanoes, stellar deaths and even black hole mergers, form the fabric of the universe we live in. Our understanding of the universe and the matter, energy and forces which are it's substance are tied to explosions of all sizes from the immense to the almost undetectably minute.

Accompany a proton on a grandiose journey through space and time, investigating the explosive forces and events of our known universe.

  • 4k Resolution
  • 60 and 30 FPS
  • 30 Minute Runtime

Target audiences: General Audience Feature Show, Curriculum for Age 10+

Available Languages

  • English